Vaneeza Ahmad - Pakistan Female model

Vaneeza Ahmad - Pakistan Female model

Vaneeza Ahmad is one of the well known and reputed top models inside the fashion modeling profession. Vaneeza Ahmed was born as a Muslim on 29th of June 1971 in Murree, Pakistan. Her nickname is Vinny. The tall height and beautiful features of Pakistani fashion model Vaneeza Ahmed make her the most demanding and sought-after female fashion model ever. She was brought up in Germany and has completed her education in the field of medicine subjects. But then at the age of 19 years old, she moved to Pakistan along with her family. She passed her graduation from Kinnaird College and after completing with the studies she put her step into the modeling profession as hobby. She was not much showing her interest in modeling for a career option. But soon she was offered from different professional fashion designers and most of them are very popular in Pakistan Fashion Industry. Nilofer Shahid is one of them who offered her for a photo shoot. From her very start, Vaneeza Ahmed captivating the minds of fashion critics and they think of her. Not gradually, Vaneeza Ahmed bombarded the ramps and runways instantly.

She started showing her acting skills in many TV serials and act as a successful and mature TV actress. The big names of PTV and other private productions wanted to cast Vaneeza Ahmed as ‘Vaneeza’ became the success symbol for them. Hundreds and thousands of Vaneeza Ahmad’s fans wanted to see her in different TV dramas. Vaneeza Ahmed Ali started her acting debut in Jamal Shah’s controversial saga Kal and then acted in “Marina Khan’s” Tum He To Ho, Tum Say Mil Kar and Jany Anjany, Armaan; and Talaash.

Vaneeza Ahmed’s most famous and illustrious role to come her journey was that of Muhammad Ali Jinnah, the founder of Pakistan, his daughter Dina Wadis an Jamil Dehlavi 1998 “biopic” of the leader titled Jinnah. Pakistani Fashion Model Vaneeza Ahmed also selected for Olympic Torchbearers when the torch reached in the capital of Pakistan Islamabad. This is sponsored by Samsung; she is one of the selected celebrities who selected to hold the torch. Vaneeza Ahmed launched her own designing brand “Vlawn” was another enchanting and captivating item from Pakistani fashion model Vaneeza Ahmed. Today, by grabbing endless success and worldwide fame, the Pakistani fashion model Vaneeza Ahmed stands out of the crowd and her stature become more high and high as the time pass.

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