Mann Mayal

Mann Mayal

Review of Pakistani Drama Serial “Mann Mayal”

Mann Mayal is a beautiful drama of Hum TV; the story starts with a very pleasant environment Mannu’s family and Salahuddin’s family were friends for many years and had a good relation of love, care and sincerity with each other. Mannu was in love with Salahuddin extremely and was very sure that Salahuddin love her too, as Mannu was not good at studying, she usually takes some help by Salahuddin. Then Mannu’s father asks Salahuddin to give proper tuition to Mannu so that she could clear her all papers, Salahuddin got agreed and start teaching her as time passes Mannu’s love changes into the lustless love and Salahuddin also became very serious about her. Then, one day Mannu expressed her feelings in front of Salahuddin very seriously, but Salahuddin doesn’t reply and ignored her instead of being in love with her.

When Mannu started childishness with him and she forced him to express his feeling then, Salahuddin expressed his love and told a reason that he is not much rich and is unable to give her all facilities and well settled life as she use to live since her childhood. Mannu gave an intense reaction to Salahuddin and start weeping; now a Mannu’s proposal came from a very rich family, her parents agreed and decide the date of marriage. Now, Mannu was very dis-heart, she even went to the home of Salahuddin to marry him, but he didn’t even open the door for her. The wedding day came and Mannu got married to a Lothario named Michael, he was a very bad boy every time drinking alcohol, bad friends, misbehaving with parents as well as with a wife. Mannu compromised her life because of the sake of her parents, she uses to bear his bad habits and other things. Now Allah blesses Manuu with a cute baby boy, now she was totally changed, she became very serious, sober and different.

As her baby boy reached the age of 3 she again expected and her condition was not good enough to take care of herself along with one baby and home as well. The Mannu’s husband was still very bad and irresponsible he told his mother, I born this baby just because of a reason that daddy would not be able to give his whole property to his daughter in law. It was a very shocking thing for a Mannu’s mother in law; now see what’s going to happen next.

Mann Mayal Mann MayalMann Mayal

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