Nadia Hussain - Pakistan Female model

Nadia Hussain - Pakistan Female model

Nadia Hussain is possibly the most popular Pakistani model at present. She has been the queen of the ramp for quite a long time now, having modeled for all of the top designers of Pakistan. This model has gained the maximum heights of success in just minimum time scale. Nadia Hussain was born on 12th May. By profession, she is a dentist but somehow she turned her paths towards the fashion industry. She is 5 feet and 10 inches and hence her this main quality of long height has made her so much popular in the fashion shows. The long height of Nadia Hussain has made her perfect and ideal for the ramps and makes her show stopper for the collections of many fashion designers maximum times.

As she has been a complete non-shy person in front of the camera this quality has helped her a lot in making herself prominent in the people. Nadia Hussain is no doubt a woman of excellence, as she is a complete lady. She is supermodel, actress & host of Pakistan Fashion & Showbiz industry, and successfully completed several projects of ramp, modeling and photo shoot. Her modeling skills are such that she was the only Pakistani model to have been chosen by Rizwan Beyg for the Sarajevo Fashion Week. From top class Pakistani fashion designers to Pakistani fashion stylists and photographers, the super female fashion model Nadia Hussain has worked with everyone. Apart from modeling, Nadia is also a very famous actor in Pakistan, having done several drama serials. Nadia Hussain is the combination of beauty, talent and style. The sizzling and stunning beauty, sassy figure, dainty modeling cuts, tall height and heart melting smile of Pakistani female fashion model Nadia Hussain grab the attention of all fashionistas and fashion lovers at once.

Nadia is the mother of four children, and runs her own lawn collection. Similarly, she also has her footwear line, entitled Fetish. The outlets are present in all the big cities of Pakistan. The top class Pakistani female fashion model Nadia Hussain can’t be easily ignored by anyone. Nadia Hussain proves that she is the queen of Pakistani fashion industry and no doubt in a few years, Nadia Hussain will beat all existing female fashion models of Pakistan.

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