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suzuki alto used car ad

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Suzuki Alto, a very popular vehicle in the Pakistani market, was a big jump for the owner from Mehran or FX. The hatchback had made good profits, but it was 2012 when Pak Suzuki decided to stop its production. After stopping the production of Suzuki Alto, the automaker introduced Suzuki Wagon R as a replacement. Pakistani market has plenty of imported versions of Suzuki Alto.

Suzuki Alto in Pakistan is available in two-door variant as well. Plenty of Altos which were introduced in the Pakistani market were two-door.

Suzuki Alto Car Specifications

The local produced Suzuki Alto was a 1000cc petrol engine however the imported models have 660cc under the hood. The latest models have hybrid technology giving good mileage and causing less damage to the environment. The imported Alto is available in automatic version, however, the locals ones are manual only.

Suzuki Alto Price in Pakistan

The local manufactured Alto are economical than the latest imported ones. Local used Suzuki Alto price in Pakistan is between PKR 3 Lacs to PKR 7 Lacs depending on the year and grade. However, used Suzuki Alto 2015 660cc price is around PKR 10 Lacs. Very recent models of the vehicle costs around PKR 12 Lacs. Even though the models are different of these city cars, the price is almost the same with some minute difference in features. The imported vehicles are popularly classified into grades rather than the production year. A good condition Alto Eco Idle costs around PKR 11 Lacs.

Currently available variants:

  • Local Suzuki Alto
  • Suzuki Alto VX and VX (CNG)
  • Suzuki Alto VXR and VXR (CNG)
  • Imported Japanese Suzuki Alto 660cc
  • Suzuki Alto E
  • Suzuki Alto F
  • Suzuki Alto G
  • Suzuki Alto L
  • Suzuki Alto VP
  • Suzuki Alto GII
  • Suzuki Alto X
  • Suzuki Alto VS
  • Suzuki Alto G4

Daihatsu Mira is a direct competitor to Japanese Alto 660cc in Pakistan. Both the vehicles fall into the same category and have almost the same features however it has noticed that Mira is more spacious compared to Alto. It cannot be denied that both the vehicles have done well in the auto market of Pakistan.

Other competitors of Suzuki Alto are Suzuki Kei, Nissan Moco, and Honda N One. However, Suzuki Alto is the safest option amongst all three of them.
What is the Resale Value of Suzuki Alto?

The resale value of the local Alto car has crippled because of the dead end in the production. However, the imported Alto has good resale value. The increasing demand of the efficient hatchback along with importers supply of the car has made the car one of the preferred 660cc cars in Pakistan. There is a general trend seen in imported vehicles, especially in these fuel-efficient hatchbacks, they lose a maximum of 0.1 million at the time of sale.

Popular Model of Suzuki Alto Car

It is true that even though people criticize every model produced by Suzuki, still it does good sales and profits. Alto car was just another typical vehicle which everyone used to curse but prefer at the same time. The most popular model of Suzuki Alto was the 2002-2007 shape. Although there was no major difference apart from lights it was sold in good amounts and people liked the vehicle. The imported Alto gained fame from the 2010 model and onwards. The design along with the passenger room surely made it stand out and win hearts.