Interview Of The Man Of Expressions And Decent Looks Zahid Ahmed

Zahid Iftikhar Ahmed is a renowned actor, model and considered as a man of bold expressions, was born on 20 September 1984 in Rawalpindi, Zahid started his career as an RJ on Radio because he has a very good and fluent voice and was very popular RJ of his time and earned a widespread acclaim for his portrayal of Mohammad Ali Jinnah in Anwar Maqsood’s Sawa 14 August in 2014. Zahid made his debut from the Drama serial “Mehram” which was a big hit of Zahid and gave him great popularity, here is an exclusive talk with Zahid Ahmed.

Your fans are anxious to know about you that how you grow up and be a part of Media Industry?

I am just a hard worker and give my best on screen, after completing my education I entered in Telecom Industry as a training manager and worked there for 10 years and really wanted to be an actor that’s why I use to work in theater, I got a chance when Sultana Siddiqui asked me to work in Drama Serial “Mehram”.

How would you compare Television and Theater, which is more difficult?

I think Television is more difficult for acting, there are times when your face is the only thing on screen that’s when your eyes can deliver more magic to prove yourself than your entire body on stage and my experience on Tv is wonderful.

How do you prepare for a role once you have accepted it?

I focus on my character, the writer sends me the script I first I think and grab the idea and then decide to work or not to work.

Who is the one actor that you love to emulate in Pakistan?

Johnny Depp without any doubt, he is one of the finest actors in the world and the way he changes his appearance and the way he immerses himself into a role is something I would like to impersonate.

And lastly, tell us something about about your future projects?

After Mahram, a couple of my plays will come on air, there are various projects which will on air very soon and people will enjoy the projects, you people will definitely enjoy.

Who is your favorite co-star on Tv?

Well I do not have any favorite actor, I just focus on my work and appreciate the actors and actresses who are passionate about their work.

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