Yaar E Bewafa – GEO Tv Drama


Yaar E Bewafa - GEO Tv Drama

Yaar E Bewafa – GEO Tv Drama – Cast & Crew

Director: Zeeshan Ahmed
Writer: Mohsin Ali
Production House: Showcase Production’s


Imran Abbas as Zaid, Areej Fatima as Fiza, Sarah Khan as Amna
Saleem Mairaj as Saleem, Samina Ahmed as Humaira, Ray Khan as Neelam
Saad Fareedi as Zain, Tahir Jatao as Mr. Kamal, Birjess Farooqui as Mrs. Kamal
Mehboob Sultan as Mr. Rashid Haneef Bachan as Boss Munnazah Motiwala as Sarah
Farah Zeba as Khala Surooj Afaq as Jameela Syed Sajid Ali as Khaloo
Faisal Bali as Saleem’s friend Sharjeel Khan as Mechanic Dr. Kashif Malik as Humaira’s Doctor
Ikhyar Khan as Saleem’s Doctor Fida Daar as Zaid’s Wakeel Bawa Jee as Saith Sahab
Child Stars: Falak Shahzad as Umer Aaliyan Wasiq as Ahmed

Yaar E Bewafa – GEO Tv Drama – Story

Desires! Every human heart is running behind to catch its wishes and achieve betterment in life. Drama serial “Yaar-e-Bewafa” is also focusing on the issue that how selfish a person can behave, when they get a little hope for the better future, even they forget their present belongings and relationships. This play revolves around two different families which will connect each other with the progression of events.

Hamza is living with his mother, wife and a son. His mother raises him with lots of sufferings and difficulties after the death of his father. She made sure about his quality studies despite their financial problems. Hamza met his wife (Nimra) in university and they fall in love with each other. Nimra belongs to a rich family while Hamza is just a white collar guy. Nimra’s parent opposes her below standard choice and discontinues their connection with her after wedding.

Another dimension of the play is Saleem’s family, who live with his wife (Amna) and a son. He is kind of short-tempered, truculent and works in a chemical factory. Once he gets ill and after a complete diagnosis, shocking news reveals that he is suffering from lungs cancer. Now Amna faces financial crises due to Saleem’s illness.

The fate brings another woman in Hamza’s life after the departure of Nimra. They both develop strong bonding, affection and soft corner for each other. Nimra who is busy in collecting materialistic happiness for her close ones, seems like she is losing them forever.

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Yaar E Bewafa – GEO Tv Drama – All Episodes

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