‘Will Smith’ Slams Trump Over Islamophobia

Will Smith Slams Over Trump Islamophobia

While Promoting Suicide Squad In Dubai, ‘Will Smith’  Slams Trump Over Islamophobia

One of the top most world famous and talented superstars of Hollywood industry “Will Smith”, recently addressed a  press conference in Dubai, to promote his new film “Suicide Squad”. While addressing the conference, “Will Smith” could not resist to talk about Mr. Donald Trump (the Republic Presidential Nominee). ‘Smith’ opens his mouth in the favor of the Muslim and Islam. Almost everyone knows all across the globe that Mr. Trump is totally against Muslims and Islam, actually he has ‘Islamophobia’.

‘Will Smith’ gave a very simple example about Islam and Muslim that, He is in Dubai, which is a Islamic state, but he has no danger, he takes selfies with the people, he goes out and meet people, he wears ‘Turban’ (a tradition Arabic dress) and enjoy spending time with Muslims and there is no single person he mate who hates him.  So, ‘Smith’ said, this is a very simple answer to Trump’s Islamophobia and his wrong thinking about Muslims not only in the world, but also in his own country and even about American Muslims. It is simply very bad and not acceptable. Not only ‘Smith’ slams over Trump, there many well known people of America who rebuked him, even from the Republic Leaders and US Speaker Paul Ryan. “Will Smith ” clearly said, Trump is leading racism all across the country.

Trump is a racist and world knows it very well. “Will Smith” was already loved by his Muslim fans and now he has earned more love and respect after delivering such kind words, this is the real humanity. “Will Smith” is a real human and he is the real hero for all those people who are against racism. “Smith’s” new movie ‘Suicide Squad’ is doing a great business all across the globe. We wish ‘Will Smith’ that his movie becomes a big blockbuster and keep entertaining us with his spectacular, amazing, interesting and jaw drop acting skills.