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Looking to refurbish your walls? Feeling unsure about how to do so?

Wallpaper vs Paint - Fardis
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From light and airy spaces to dramatic yet cosy interiors, anything is possible with a fresh coat of paint or a new roll of wallpaper. Here are some inspiring tips, tricks and considerations to help you make a decision with regards to these wall surface solutions.

First, consider what is currently on your walls. If you’ve got wallpapers then the removal process will be no trouble for you, just tedious. The wallpaper application and/or removal processes, in general, are quite simple and manageable – with no damage to your walls. You can remove wallpaper with both a suitable chemical or via wallpaper-stripping, but either should be handled with care.

Paint removal, conversely, is a bit more difficult and labour intensive, especially with darker colour paints. The removal process is lengthy with iterative brushing, laying drop cloths, and the scraping and sanding of your walls. The process can easily damage your walls, if not completed carefully.

What’s next? After the removal phase, is the all-important step of evaluating the benefits and drawbacks of paint versus wallpaper, or vice versa. Both alternatives have selection and durability, and are available in an even wider range of colours. However, paint customarily has a life span of only 5-10 years while luxury wallpapers will last for upwards of 10 to 15 years, without paint’s refurbishment clause.

Consequently – at least from a removal and durability perspective – it seems that high quality wallpapers are the better option.

Budgetary constraints are an equally important consideration. Paint is usually the least expensive option but if you want darker or sleeker finishes, then your oil or latex based paints do not come cheap. In fact, these often necessitate that you utilise professionals to ensure that paint is properly applied.

Paints also have VOCs, which can be harmful to both the state of your walls and your health. And though wallpapers aren’t as inexpensive on the outset, they are ultimately less likely to be as costly.

Likewise, wallpapers are much trendier and you are guaranteed to find a design that fits your lifestyle. Haven’t found the perfect design yet? You might opt for customised wallpapers, wherein you work with creative experts to design your very own design, given your unique preferences.

To conclude, we’d definitely ‘choose’ wallpapers in response to above-posed question. Wallpapers are not only on trend, but also provide peace of mind, durability and an unparalleled variety of styles and colourways.


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