Visaal – Cast & Crew – ARY Digital Drama

Director: Ali Hasan

Writer: Hashim Nadeem


Zahid Ahmed
Hania Aamir
Saboor Ali
Tauqeer Nasir
Firdous Jamal
Tahira Imam
Ismat Zaidi
Agha Mustafa
Saifi Hassan
Waleed Zaidi

Visaal – Story – ARY Digital Drama

The worst form of evil is when it comes in the disguise of good and this drama Visaal delineates a similar situation.

Zahid Ahmed as ‘Akku’; the evil in disguise. Akku having a shady past has now arrived at a new town, and has started living a new life in the disguise of a noble man Akram.

At his new destination, he gets the chance to meet Pari, played by Hania Aamir, an innocent and simple girl who is a genuine friend and a good person at heart. Akku gets to know that Pari is the daughter of Molvi Sahab.

In order to get closer to Pari, Akku develops a good relationship with Molvi Sahab; thinking of the fact that he is the father of Pari.

Firdous Jamal as Molvi; is a reputable and honest person in town.

In a misunderstanding, Akku offers the marriage proposal to Molvi Sahab for her daughter, who is actually Naheed, not Pari. Akku is completely ignorant of this fact.

Saboor Ali as Naheed; daughter of Molvi Sahab and a good friend of Pari.

Naheed gets married to Akku, but when it reveals to Akku that Naheed is not her love interest, he starts finding ways to get Pari.

Pari, on the other hand, is cheated by her own friend Naheed with the help of her Bua.

Ismat Zaidi as Bua is the evil planner of the story.

The climax of the story marks the unleash of the negative side of Akku, but the destruction in the lives of these two girls can never be amended.


Visaal – OST & Pictures – ARY Digital Drama



Visaal – All Episodes – ARY Digital Drama

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