wedding entry ideas - WWE Tripl-H entry style

wedding entry ideas - WWE Tripl-H entry style
A fan of WWE took his wedding entry to another level. Kichoo Ahmer a Lahori guy took his wedding to International Level :p I mean to the next level which no one dares to think about this….


Checkout this interesting video which gone viral on the internet, even Triple H tweet about this event!

And Luckly Triple-H mention this guy act in his tweet something like this:

While most of us grew up watching our favourite WWE champs fight and often tried to impersonate them, one man took his love for WWE and particularly for Triple H very seriously. Kichoo Ahmer, a Lahore businessman and an ardent WWE fan, recently got married and the highlight of his ceremony was the groom’s entry. You usually watch grooms enter with a peppy track playing in the backdrop but Kichoo entered in the style of Triple H, with a belt and the theme song playing in the backdrop.

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