Umar Sayeed Fashion Designer Pakistan

Umar Sayeed Fashion Designer

Umar Sayeed a leading name in haute couture. He is a charismatic fashion designer of Pakistan. He is not only famous in the Pakistan but also worldwide. Umar Sayeed is one of the pioneers among clothes designers and innovators in Pakistan. Pakistani fashion designer Umar Sayeed initiated his career in the year 1987.

He used to deal in various products like, Umar Sayeed Couture, Bridal collection, UB, Psyche and Men’s Wear. He has taken on the responsibility of creating bridal clothes for numerous brides including celebrities. Marriage is a moment that lasts forever for a bride, and thankfully Umar Sayeed is an expert in designing clothes for brides. He is recognized for his bridal wear which is exceptionally beautiful for special occasions. He designed for the wives of ex-presidents and prime ministers like, Mrs. Sehiba Musharraf, Mrs. Fouzia Gillani. Men’s wear line he produced is exclusive which encircles shirts with delicate embroidery, formal jackets along with appliques and finer details.

Umar Sayeed is one of the leading and high rated Pakistani designers that is the reason why he got engaged with the leading textile name Al-Karam in 2011 and produced an amazing color palette in his collections. He earned respect and recognition due to unique designs and quality of works produced by him ever since 1987. In LUX style awards he has won the awards for about three times as the best designer in the years: 2002, 2004 and 2005. He actively participates into the fashion weeks of Pakistan. His style mixes eastern and western influences bringing a universal look which integrates the best of both worlds as well as incorporating new ideas. Umar Sayeed’s designs have a refined quality of finishing with intricately fine details in design, stitching, and final production.

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