Stylist Babloo

Stylist Babloo

Famous Pakistani Talented Stylist “Babloo”

Agha Imran Ali Khan nickname Babloo is considered to be the top most stylist in Pakistan, whose work and techniques are really out of the world as well as an eye-catching art of styling has almost impressed people all over the world. Babloo has devoted his life to revolutionize the Pakistan Fashion Industry and it’s now 15 years of excellence of Babloo working tremendously in the Pakistan Fashion Industry.

Babloo started his work at the age of 14, Babloo faced a number of problems  in making his career in the field of fashion styling. Babloo worked very hard to overcome those hurdles, especially in the initial stage of his professional life because Babloo had to earn for his family, as Babloo was very young when he started his work a number of hardships came in his way, but Babloo’s believe, dedication, hardworking, talent and passion took him to the sky.

Babloo has a very different scenario of styling he first considers the complexion, age, occasion and features, this is the reason that Babloo is running his Parlor successfully in Lahore. When you see models , actresses and brides by Babloo you feel the essence of exceptional art and enhanced beauty in a very marvelous way, the reason behind the success of Babloo is creating new and fresh gaze. Another very fascinating thing about Babloo is that he is a very positive and has down to earth behavior with all the clients and seniors.

Fashion Stylist Bible says that “Fashion Celebrities carry his makeover easily, but it’s challenging to prepare the face of the people belongs to silver screen”. He also worked at Depilex Salon for a long time and earned a great name there because of his terrific talent and mind blowing techniques, he is really a pride of Pakistan as he represents his talent and artistic skills as a Pakistani.

Some fabulous pictures of Stylist ‘Babloo’ with Pakistani Models

Stylist Babloo Stylist Babloo Stylist Babloo

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