Tips to Wear High Heels

Tips to Wear High Heels

Women’s love for high heel will never end. It is the forever love of women. In spite of their undefined love, women always ask how to wear heels so that they can be less painful to them. Although it’s a fact that a pair of fabulous sky-high shoe with pain-free feet are the two events which cannot be occurred simultaneously. But, here we have found some useful tips on how to wear high heels without pain.

1. Wear right Shoe size heels

Women often make mistake in choosing the right size of shoe for their feet. As foot size change with the passage of time. So before selecting any high heel please measure your foot length and width with the shoe you intend to buy. Because you buy without measure you will surely have trouble in walking with heels and it increases the pain in your feet.


2. Know your foot type before buying any high heel shoe

According to the podiatrist, it is best to know about foot type that what it is? Either you have a flat arch foot or high arch foot. If you have flat arch foot, then avoid wearing more than 2 inches heel as it will create a stress in the foot. If you have high arch foot, then we can wear 4 inches heel easily.


3. Always prefer thicker high heel

Stilettos are the thin heels; they should be avoided as they cause your foot to wobble around. Consider chunkier heel style in the casual wearing but if it does go with your dress type then wear thin heels but not more than 4 hours and do a proper a massage of your feet after wearing them for long hours. It is healing and healthy for how to walk in heels comfortably

4. Breath and Breaks

Women always asked the question how to get used to high heels? The tip is that if you are going to wear heels for a whole day, then give some break. Release your feet from high heels for 10 to 15 minutes and do a hand massage circling the center portion of feet to feel fresh and stretch your ankle and toes.


5. Top coverage high heels

The best tip for how to wear high heels without falling Cover the top area of your foot with the heels. Prefer ankle strap or big strap heel or boot with high heels. Because it will support in the walking and it will transfer less pain to your ankle. So prefer top coverage high heels as they are less painful to wear. They will also refrain you in touching the ground.


6. Do little Practice

To walk in heels is not easy, so to avoid any bad scene. Do a little practice, it will help you in how to train yourself to walk in heels. If you are beginner then note all these tips in order to know how to walk in heels comfortably.


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