Recipe Of Tikka Sandwich Easy and Tasty


Bread (Double Roti):  1 pack

Chicken (Murghi): ½ kg boneless

Red chili (Lal Mirch): half tablespoon

Salt (Namak): 1 teaspoon

Sugar (Cheeni): 1 teaspoon

Black pepper (Kaali Mirch): 1 teaspoon

Mixture of spices (Garam Masala): 1 teaspoon

Cabbage (Band Gobi): half

Mayonnaise: as required

Milk (Doodh): as required

Coal for flavor


First take a clean skillet, pour boneless chicken, add red chili, salt, sugar, black pepper, a mixture of spices and let it cook on the flame so that chicken get soften properly then give the folk of coal for perfect flavor. Now, as the chicken gets soften off the flame and add chopped cabbage and mayonnaise, at this stage mix it well with spoon and add a little bit of milk by spoon. Take the bread slice and pour this better properly with the spoon, the Tikka flavored sand witches are ready to serve with ketchup.

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