The Idiotz - Comedy Vines - Biography Videos

Enjoy and Get Entertain With “The Idiotz” Short Films and vines.

The Idiotz - Comedy Vines - Biography Videos

Group of The Idiotz Pakistan – A group of troll who promises to take away your depression, sadness and anger with our short films by bringing smile to your faces.

The Idiotz – Cast & Crew

Muhammad Kashan = Director/Actor/Editor/Writer

Hammad Abbasi = Director/Actor/Writer

Faisal Iqbal = Actor/Writer/Director

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The Idiotz – Latest New Videos

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Kabab Mein Haddi | Shan Ad Parody | The Idiotz


The Rishta Show | Shan Ad Parody | The Idiotz


Bin Bulaya Mehman ft. Mooroo | Shan Ad Parody | The Idiotz


Bathroom Stories | Shan Ad Parody | The Idiotz


China Ki Biryani | Shan Ad Parody | The Idiotz


Shaitan Ka Moun Kaala | The idiotz | Comedy


Types of Students in Exams | The Idiotz | Funny


Main Aur Woh | The Idiotz | Super Funny


Thand Program | The Idiotz | Funny


Lakeer Ke Faqeer | The Idiotz | Hilarious


Bloopers | The Idiotz | Puppa Series Season one 2017 | Super hilarious


Puppa Aur Facebook | Puppa Web Series | Chapter 5 | The Idiotz


Shamsu Ki Shamsi | The Idiotz | Puppa Web Series | Chapter 4


Hiding from a Serial Killer | The Idiotz | Funny clip


Puppa Ka Khuwab | The Idiotz | Puppa Series 2017 | Chapter 3


Baazigar Puppa | Puppa Web Series | Chapter 2 | The Idiotz


Puppa Ka Funter Beta | Puppa Web Series | Chapter 1 | The Idiotz



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