Tariq AK Photography

In quite a short time period, Tariq AK makes his place among top class fashion photographers in Pakistan Fashion photographers. Tariq AK is a well Known Pakistani Fashion photographer; he started his career as a professional photographer in 2010. He used to play with an old model camera in his house and never missed special moments to capture. This interest and concentration of Tariq AK lend him to the fashion photography field and soon he got the attention and recognition as a talented and emerging photographer in Pakistan. His photography will make you fall in love with yourself. It’s not at all about covering the wedding event, but the best photographers always have the creative sense of capturing the unique and memorable moments that make you smile throughout your life.

Talented, passionate and robust Tariq AK, entered in the fashion industry in such a bashful manner and in quite a short time he has won the hearts of millions by his larger than life images and exuberant photography. Pakistani fashion photographer Tariq AK and he mesmerized and surprised the viewers with his pictures that speak loudly of the event. Tariq AK not only captured the gorgeous dresses wore by models, but the true modeling allure and impressive expressions of the models cannot be hidden by the camera lens of Tariq AK. The wedding is being a lifetime moment so it needs a heart connection to bring out emotions. Therefore, for him it is very important to give the wedding couple such memories which they can cherish throughout their lives. And with due respect to the sentiments of my clients and keeping it in mind that each and every moment of the wedding week is very tender and emotional for the wedding couple and also for their families.

Tariq AK work reflects a special attitude and distinctive style, that’s why he became a successful photographer. He does not limit himself only one kind of photography, he also does Portraits, Events and weddings. Despite of a newcomer, the aims of Pakistani fashion photographer Tariq AK are skyrocketing and he is working day and night to take a prominent place and respectable name in the field of fashion photography.

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