Ahmed Jahanzeb Interview

Ahmed Jahanzeb InterviewInterview Of A Top Pakistani Singer Ahmed Jahanzeb

Ahmed Jahanzeb a great singer with a beautiful voice and received a big popularity in the world as Pakistani, was born on 28 May 1978 in Karachi, Ahmed is included in those singers who are trained classically that is the reason he mostly sings soul stirring slow songs,  his albums are liked by the people and also sings songs of Dramas and Films which are really tremendous. Here is an exclusive talk with Ahmed Jahanzeb.

First tell us what is your qualification?

I completed my matriculation from the City School, intermediate from DJ Science college and BBA from HIMS.

What are your dreams as a Pakistani?

My dream is to become a famous singer worldwide and bring Pakistan’s name on the pinnacle of today’s Music scene.

What was the  saddest moment in your life?

When I lost my mom in 1991that has been the saddest moment fore me, she was suffering from breast cancer  that was the time I felt I have lost whole world.

What things you do happily?

I basically feel happy whenever I help others, I believe we should help others as much as we can to be happy.

Do you read books and of which types?

Normally I do not read books, but I read and write Urdu Poetry.

Do you like spending money freely or not?

I just can’t stop myself in spending money, if you give me Rs 10,000 now even, I would spend it like a zap!

Tell us about your favorite food and outlets?

I love to eat  traditional Pakistani food like Daal Chawal, Qeema Roti and Chatni, my favorite food outlet is Kettle, I think it’s best.

What do you think about having friends?

I have a lot of friends because I love having a big friend community, I have 45 friends……………, due to heavy work load I am not enjoying with friends but very soon will do.

What is the reaction of the people they see you on public places?

After the “Laila Majnoo” was aired people started to recognize me, whenever I am public places, people came and say hi, how are you and admire me with great appreciation.

Any message for viewers?

My message is to be happy, promote Pakistan in a positive manner, help each other and serve your country thank you.

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