Pakistani Female News Reporter Slapped by a Police Officer

Well Well Well!

Slap a reporter breaking the internet so as media channels, everyone talking about this. Some people against this act and some people are supporting FC soldier. But I think it will totally depend on scenario so ALLAH knows who is right and who is wrong.

Mostly people condemn this act and asking government to take action against FC solider.
If you are still wondering and don’t know about the news, let me tell you!
K-21 news channel female reporter Saima Kanwal was doing her job and reporting live on TV about long queues at NADRA office.

According to reporter, FC solider continuously misbehaving with the lady in queue, and forcing cameraman to stop recording his footage. So the Saima Kanwal news reporter of K-21 channels trying to stop the solider to do this with woman. After too much provoking and prodding, the solider slapped her face on live TV.

Want to see what happened with Saima Kanwal, Watch full video!

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