Saboor Ali Biography

Saboor Ali Biography

Saboor Ali Biography A Versatile Model & Actress Of Pakistan

Saboor Ali is an extremely brilliant and fabulous actress, her born on 18 September 1990, her family has moved to Karachi from Lahore because both of the work commitments of both the sisters, Sajjal Ali and Saboor Ali, Saboor Ali is eldest of her siblings Sajjal Ali.

Saboor Ali is a girl with beautiful facial features and jingling voice that increase the persona of this 24 year old actress more on screen, that is why, after her first Dram of Haseena Moin “Choti Si Kahani”, she started getting offers from different Directors and producers, her second drama “Mehmoodabad Ki Malkai” was big hit and in this drama she played the role with her younger sister Sajjal Ali.

Saboor Ali belongs to a Muslim family of Pakistan, in real life, Saboor is a very descent and sober girl and has a sense of professionalism in her, she is a great human being, believes in charity and can never live without her family. Moreover, she can speak in English, Urdu and Punjabi fluently, her work is highly appreciated in the whole fashion industry and cute looks are very popular with great expressions.

Saboor Ali is a very fine actress, best creativity and bold looks, she is considered to be a very well known actress that in a short time she made her place in he fashion industry, she has worked in different blockbuster dramas on HUM TV, ARY Digital and on different big channels.

Saboor Ali Biography Saboor Ali Biography

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