Photographer Sadia Khan Biography

 Photographer Sadia Khan Biography

A Top British-Pakistani Fashion Stylist and Photographer Sadia Khan

Sadia Khan is one of the top Pakistani Fashion Stylists and Photographers. She owns the title of the ‘first Pakistani to Photograph a Hollywood actor. Sadia Khan was born in Pakistan and did her early schooling in Karachi and then she migrated to UK. Sadia owns the British nationality and she did business management study in UK. She started her career as a fashion stylist and photographer in London. The most amazing part of Sadia’s early duration of her career was that, in 2014 at ‘Pakistan Fashion Awards’, Sadia was nominated as the ‘Best Fashion Photographer of the Year’.

Sadia Khan created a history in Pakistan’s photography industry, She photographed a famous Hollywood actor while he was shooting his film in London, named as ‘Mark Ruffalo’ whose also known as the famous Hollywood movie character “HULK”. This moment made her the first Pakistani photographer to work with a Hollywood actor. About this historical moment Sadia shared her words, ‘2nd march 2015 was a spectacular day for me in London, I met the Hollywood’s famous actor Mark Ruffalo for his photo shoot. I gave him an Ajrak as a gift and he took a selfie wearing Ajrak and posted on Instagram.’

Sadia has not only done a photo shoot of Mark Ruffalo, but also has photographed Dave Bautista, David Hayes, famous Pakistani former captain and currently a big political leader Imran Khan and also Bollywood actors like Shah Rukh Khan, Nargis Fakhri, Abhishek and Govinda.

Pakistan is overloaded with unlimited talent in every field and Sadia Khan is one of them. Sadia Khan has made Pakistan so much proud by her amazing hard work and unmatchable skills in photography. Her every photo shoot has hit the mark of success and fame. Sadia Khan is still in the list of top Pakistani photographers and has been doing a great work with love, passion, dedication and honesty. She has made a big name in Pakistan’s photography industry and she is still giving her best to maintain and enhance the work.

Photographer Sadia Khan Biography

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