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Oppo F5 6GB Launching Price – Rs: 39,899 Price in USD: $383

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  • This is a very splendid entry in Oppo family with this price. In my views it has few drawbacks like no gorilla glass, no fast charging and no gyroscope... But it doesn't contribute much for disliking it. Overall the set is 4/5 for me. 9
  • Oppo F3 Plus is far better in terms of specs. At the cost of screen ratio and 6 GB RAM, it is the upgrade worth it 8
  • its expensive .. where is fast charging.. front camera 12 mp.. where is finger unlock sensor.. my Samsung galaxy c9 pro is better.. 7
  • Its rate must be around 34-35 k. Its very high rate.front camera just 12 no face unlock and no fast charging.comparing it f5 4GB is better 7
  • in this mobile, wireless charging radio & front camera should be 16MP. that this mob. will be very good. 8
  • 7.8


    Overall people liking this mobile but they have little concern about the pricing. But in my opinion in this rate we dont have any mobile with these features. Hope Oppo will deduct some price in future!