Mouth watery recipe of “White Chicken”

Mouth watery recipe of “White Chicken”

Mouth watery recipe of “White Chicken”


Chicken: 1 kg

Onion paste: 3 (medium size)

Black pepper: 2 tablespoons

Salt: to taste

Cream: 1 packet

Ginger garlic paste: 2 tablespoons

Green chili paste: 1 tablespoon

White cumin: 1 tablespoon

Cooking oil: 1 cup


First of all marinate chicken in a clean bowl add black pepper, salt, ginger garlic paste, green chili paste and let it stay at room temperature for about half an hour.

Now take a clean skillet put oil in it and add onion paste in it then, cook it at medium flame for about 10 minutes, then add the marinate chicken very carefully.

Now cook it till the chicken gets soften, its time to browned the chicken completely till oil comes at the upper side of skillet.  At this stage add white cumin and cream at the same time mix it well with the spoon.

Now cook it for few minutes, mouth watery and delicious white chicken it ready to serve you can serve this with naan or sheermal as well.

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