Misbahh Received Award For The Test Mace By ICC First Time


Misbahh Received Award For The Test Mace By ICC First Time

It is really a very marvelous achievement for us and the Team Pakistan made a great victory in the supervision of Misbah -UL-Haq, what a brilliant strategies made by Misbah and the combine effort of the whole team make us proud to be Pakistani and enter our name in the list of best cricket team for test matches. This is really a very refreshing news for the cricket lovers and a big achievement in the history of Pakistan cricket team, a wonderful success because of the tremendous plaining and the hardworking of Misbah that brings a great change and a positive image of Pakistan in the world.

The award ceremony was held in Gaddadfi  Stadium, Lahore on 21 September 2016, all the Pakistanis were wonderfully excited and gave a big round of applause to our beloved team Pakistan for such a fabulous achievement in the history of Pakistan. Pakistan Test Team Captain Misbah received the Test mace for the best side in the format, from the International Cricket Council (ICC) in Lahore, speaking to the ceremony the 42 years old Misbah said “ this a very exciting occasion for the us, for me and for the team as well, to receive such an honor for our country we are really happy about it that finally we Pakistanis are  the number one”

It is a surprising success that Pakistan roses to number one in the longer format of the game after drawing 2-2 against England on their homeland, they currently have 111 points just one more than India who are second in the ranking and the third position is shared by England and Australia who have 108 points each. The Captain Misbah said “ this reward all more satisfying that Pakistan have gained a top rank while playing all matches in the foreign countries, we are the number one Test side in modern cricket where teams usually rely on home advantage to increase the rankings”.

This big achievement proved that there is still a hidden talent in our cricket team that is terrific and outstanding, it is not the end it is the beginning in future Pakistan will definitely go for more victories and achievements as the teamwork and captain supervision is going awesomely great and will prove ourself as a Pakistani among the whole world.