Tariq Jameel Bayan

Tariq Jameel Bayan

AL-Jameel is an Islamic broadcasting network that broadcasts special Maulana Tariq Jameel Lecture’s. AJ Official launched in the Pakistan in December 2014.

AJ Official Doing Exclusive | Relevant | Gripping reminders, to help you live your life purposefully and happily.

HD videos with trend setting methods of dawah. Always trying new and halal ways to engage the viewers.

If you find any unauthentic content on our channel which is anti Islamic or against any law or personality please notify us at our mail : info@ajofficialpk.com and we shall make all the efforts to block it after reviewing.

We allow anyone to translate our content but the video must remain branded under AJ Official (with our logo and channel link).

Copyrights: All rights reserved by AJ Official
Website: www.ajofficialpk.com

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