5 Makeup Tips That Make You Look Amazing in Photographs

5 Makeup Tips That Make You Look Amazing in Photographs

Does it ever occur to you how superstars manage to look so flawless in all of their photos? Well, let me tell you that it is not only about having the perfect looks and flashing a perfect smile but a lot about how you wear your makeup too. All these celebs have their personal makeup artists who know exactly how to make their eyes look bigger in photos and their skin blemish-free.

You might be wondering what their secrets are now. Fret not! That’s exactly what I am about to unleash. So, keep reading and thank me later!


1. Double Wear Foundation

If you want your skin to look absolutely flawless in photos with even tone and no blemishes, start off with a heavy coverage foundation. Blend it with a foundation brush in circular motions for smoother finish and no visible pores. Use a concealer on top if you feel the need. Make sure you use a highlighting concealer under your eyes that is two shades lighter than the shade of your foundation. Applying it will brighten your under eye area and you will appear more awake and healthy in the photos.


2. Go with the Glow

Highlighting is necessary if you want a glowing and healthy-looking skin in the photos. A nice trick to make your highlighter pop in the pictures is to apply a tad bit of nice oil-free moisturizer on the areas where you want to highlight. Then, take a powder highlighter and tap it on top of the moisturizer before it dries up. Doing it will not let the pores be visible and the skin will glow better. Make sure you highlight the brow bones and cheekbones for a better facial definition.



3. Enhance the Eyes

Eyes are what catch the attention mostly and therefore; you must make some extra effort to make them look bigger and attractive in the photos. Here are some quick tips to enhance them:

• Take a white waterline pencil and apply it from mid to the outer corners of the lower waterline.
• Take a dark brown shadow and blend it on the outer crease for a better definition.
• Highlight the inner corners of the eyes for making them look awake.
• Take a dark brown shadow and apply it in the outer corners just below the waterline and smudge it a little for a natural finish.


4. Contour the Face and Rose Up the Cheeks

If you do not like how chubby your face appears in the photos, you need not to worry! Just contour the face and give it a nice shape and definition. You can find contour charts on the internet for further guidance. Plus, contour also makes you look less pale and adds a nice hue to your face.
In addition to that, rose up your cheeks for bringing a little innocence to your face. Use a dark pink blush-on so that it is visible in the photos.


5. Bold and Beautifully Contoured Lips

Lips are another most important feature of the face that needs to look more enhanced in the photos. For a plumped appearance, contour your lips with a darker shade and then fill it in with a nice bold lip color. Blend the contour well and flash a big smile while snapping a photo!

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