Khawar Riaz Stylist

Stylist Khawar Riaz

Khawar Riaz a renowned Fashion Stylist is considered to be one of the most important Stylist who has played an important role in developing Fashion Industry in Pakistan. Fashion Stylist Khawar Riaz is also praised for introducing many Top Class Fashion Models and also played an important role polishing them.

He has ability to transform you into any style. He has been working as since people were not much aware of the term “stylist”; he is considered one of those stylists who has groomed Pakistani fashion industry. Much credit goes to him for introducing so many big names in the Pakistani Fashion Industry; some of them are Pakistani model and actress Zara sheikh and famous Pakistani model Ahmed Butt. His Eye-Popping work has been published in leading Pakistani Magazines, Billboards and he has almost worked with every leading Pakistani TV channel and Brands. Khawar Riaz has enhanced the Pakistan Fashion Industry. Khawar Riaz has been awarded many times because of his excellent and outstanding work. He is simple man who believes in quality and beauty of work.

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