khamoshi - hum tv drama

khamoshi - hum tv drama

Khamoshi – Hum Tv Drama – Cast & Crew

Director: Ilyas Kashmiri

Writer: Aliya Bukhari


Zara Noor Abbas
Affan Waheed
Iqra Aziz
Bilal Khan

Khamoshi – Hum Tv Drama – Story

The drama revolves around two sisters, Arsala (Zara Noor Abbas) and Naeema (Iqra Aziz), who are completely different from each other. The elder, Arsala is simple and trusting girl while the younger, Naeema is greedy and miser, Who is jealous of Arsala. Their brother Guddu (Fazal Hussain) is also very simple and supports & respects Arsala. Arsala is engaged to Atif (Affan Waheed) and Naeema also likes him, so she tries her every possible effort to separate them. Their father Sabir (Tauqeer Nasir) works in factory but doesn’t get enough salary. Sabir catches Atif and Arsala talking alone at his home, to which he breaks their engagement and sends Arsala to his relative Mudasir (Javaid Iqbal)’s home as maid who gives her Rs. 30, 000/- monthly. Haseena (Ambar Wajid), Mudasir’s wife is a psycho she so always teases Arsala. A best friend of Haseena, (Rashida Tabbasum) requests her to give Arsala to her as maid after she leaves their job as maid and she will give her fees double to what she gives her. Haseena agrees to it as both had to go to Canada for Haseena’s treatment. Read complete story here..


Khamoshi – Hum Tv Drama – Pictures


Khamoshi – Hum Tv Drama – All Episodes

Watch “Khamoshi” only on Hum Tv. If you have missed any of the episodes watch them here at video courtesy Hum Tv…

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