Interview Of Very Famous Pakistani Showbiz Artist Juggan Kazim

Juggan is considered to be a very cute and creative Model, Host and actress who become very famous in a short time because of her uncountable artistic skills that are really great and fabulous, she was born in Lahore and is a brand ambassador of Garnier Fructis Pakistan, Juggan has worked in numerous Pakistani and Canadian Films. She use to live in Canada and came to Pakistan in 2004 and got married to Adnan Ghafoor and got divorced after just one year. She has also done blockbuster Dramas on Hum Tv and Ary, her acting looks so mature and nearer to reality, she is a very good host and have also hosted many Morning Shows.

First tell us that what you are doing these days?   

Now a days I have switched from morning shows and doing something different because I want to do something creative for my country, well, I like to do a morning show because I learn a lot, meet different people and it makes me fresh and comfortable. I have many modeling assignments these days and also doing famous commercials for big brands.

Is money a factor, considering you a single mother?

Well, of course, but modeling is the lowest paying job you can do.

What do say about that anchoring has much money or modeling?

As compared to anchoring modeling has less money because anchoring pays extremely well in comparison to modeling or acting.  You can easily charge Rs  50,000 per episode for a 45 minute show and even 100,00 for sponsoring show you can get any amount, well. I am paid very well in anchoring.

What do you mean by modeling exactly ramp walk?

Not ramp walk, I don’t have suitable height for ramp walking and there are a lot of girls having good height and suitable for a ramp. I like to create a niche for myself in situations that suit me, I do little modeling campaigns like Sanober Salon in Lahore, Tipu of Allenora in Karachi.

Tell us truly, are you a good dancer?

Mediocre, but obviously Pappu is going to teach me, it is a very good thing for me Zeb and Haniya are doing the music, I will be able to do dance very soon because having a good team and people around me.

Any plans of working in the Bollywood?

Well, recently doing a project with Shaan but if I will work will tell my fans because I don’t like working in the dark, when everything will be finalized, I will definitely tell my viewers, one is from outside Pakistan and the other was made by local actors, so let’s see if these end up happening.

Any message?

Well be happy and let other happy, do something for the revival and development of Pakistan Thank you.

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