President- Now is the time to apologize to John McCain

President- Now is the time to apologize to John McCain (1)

John McCain Is A Man Of (A) Principle

The Vietnam stuff really did happen; he really did the Vietnam stuff. Shattered and crumpled and beat to shit, starving, John McCain really did decline an arbitrary offer of early release from foreign torture prison; Read More


Mr. President: Now is the time to apologize to John McCain

It was sad to hear last week that Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.) had been diagnosed with brain cancer. The thought was, “After all that he went through as a POW in North Vietnam, and now this.” And it was hard not to recall President Donald Trump’s terrible slur on McCain’s military record during the last presidential campaign. Read More


Profs heap even MORE vitriol on McCain after health care vote

After Sen. John McCain’s inspiring speech to his colleagues on Capitol Hill Tuesday, some professors took to Twitter to once again trash him for his views on health care. Read More


Trump finally considers McCain a ‘hero’ for flying back to Washington to vote on healthcare

Trump took to his Twitter chaos device on Tuesday morning to praise McCain for traveling back to Washington for the critical procedural vote to start the effort to strip away Obamacare, which is something he considers “brave.” Read More


WaPo Worships a Principled, Humanitarian McCain Who Has Never Existed

In a fawning editorial Saturday (7/22/17), pillar of the national security establishment Washington Post fell over itself to commend a John McCain that never existed, instead lavishing praise on a well-curated PR facsimile developed over decades. Read More


Capito, Manchin reject Trump tweet on transgender soldiers

WASHINGTON — West Virginia’s two U.S. senators both agreed with statements made by the decorated Vietnam War veteran Sen. John McCain about the president’s social media post reversing a policy allowing transgender people to serve in the military. Read More

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