Jessica Jones Season 2 - The Impossible Return

Jessica Jones Season 2 - The Impossible Return

Jessica Jones Season 2 set photos CONFIRM the impossible return of THIS dead villain

Kilgrave is presumed to be dead in Jessica Jones season 1 but he is actually not dead. The latest batch of images from the second season of the Netflix-Marvel show tease that the show’s villainous character Kilgrave aka The Purple Man is back from the dead. Read More


David Tennant to return to ‘Jessica Jones’

Despite being the Big Bad of the first season, Kilgrave became quite the fan favourite character, even adding slithers of humour to his performance on varying occasions. Read More


Krysten Ritter watches Game of Thrones to relax while shooting Jessica Jones

Krysten Ritter’s got a packed schedule. She just finished The Defenders (which premieres on Netflix Aug. 18) and is halfway through Jessica Jones season two. Undoubtedly there will be future seasons of each TV show on the horizon. But this means Ritter is shooting around the clock, all year long. Read More

What’s Kilgrave Doing in Season 2 of ‘Jessica Jones’

The finale of Season 1 of Jessica Jones featured one of the most satisfying kills in TV history. Having been tortured and abused by the insane Kilgrave, Jessica tells her nemesis that she loves him. Then snaps his neck. Read More


Kilgrave Haunts Jessica Jones In Season 2 Set Photos

Jessica Jones season 2 set photos feature the return of David Tennant as the villainous Kilgrave. Jessica Jones was the second series to debut as part of Marvel TV and Netflix’s partnership, following the premiere of Daredevil earlier in 2015. Read More


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