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As the Pakistani fashion industry is developing day by day and talented people are giving their best to take this industry at the height of success and to give a positive impact of Pakistan all over the world.
Jahan-e-Khalid the very stunning, handsome and impressive models of Pakistan, he is one of the models whose looks and facial expressions are greatly different from others. He was in Lahore on 24 April; he is a best dressed model in industry and truly a feast to look at. He is a big emerging star of fashion industry of Pakistan. The perfect figure and modeling guts of handsome hunk Jahan-e-Khalid makes him adorable in both ramp and shoots.

Jahan-e-Khalid has gone through many achievements people likes to see him on the ramp and appreciate a lot, as he is a new emerging and shining talent of Pakistan. He is much concern and dedicated to his work, he maintains his body by proper exercising and eating balanced diet. Whenever he is presenting the outfits of any designer by wearing it, the outfits look more gorgeous and definitely different.

He looks so dashing in different looks like in sherwani qulla, pant shirt and much more. He is definitely included in those people who are going to take fashion industry and Pakistan at its peak because of his countless abilities and talent. He is the person who really fulfills all requirements of being model having good height, styles, personality, facial expressions and carrying outfits in fabulous ways so that people can sit without giving him a big round of applause.

Classy looks of the most famous Pakistani model “Jahan-e-Khalid”

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