Mahira Khan Interview

Mahira Khan Interview

Mahira Hafeez khan better known as Mahira khan is a famous TV and film actress as well as former VJ. She is known for playing different roles in films and dramas she is very famous for her bold acting. Her drama “Humsafar” took her to the sky of success as it was the blockbuster drama on aired on HUM TV and she played main leading role of khirad. Mahira khan is multi talented she plays her role with full dedication and sincerity.

When did you start your career?

I started my career being a VJ and that was a beautiful time on MTV, a program used to on aired daily live and I use to have full liberty to say anything. On a daily basis, I use to discuss different topics, taking viewers’ calls, listening people’s’ ideas and it was awesome time best team and marvelous crew.

Now you are a famous actress so if someone gives you a chance again to become VJ, would you like to be?

Yes, sure, why not, if someone gives me chance again to become a VJ I would not like, but love to be VJ again as it is the best way to present your ideas, thoughts, and suggestions. Doing a live TV show is something really different because you are not acting there, but actually presenting yourself that how you think, how you feel and getting feedback from viewers is one of the best things about live shows.

In a very small age, you received much appreciation and success what is the reason?

Well, what should I say I have no words for it that when I became actress doing dramas, it was quite surprising for me that “Humsafar” became a blockbuster, entertaining and very fabulous drama and took me to the height of success. Right after, there were so many choices for me, but I thought just to be a part of good project where I can prove my talent.

What do you think some private channels treated you like a product?

Well, yes, somehow you can say this, but you know if a producer thinks that putting any actress or actor in a project for the reason that it becomes a blockbuster so it’s not bad. Putting one thing in mind that only a single person is totally unable to make any project successful until and unless the whole team works together with sincerity.

In the career there are always ups and downs so what do you think about it?

Yes, I do, but they are the part of life when you experience something wrong or bad you always learn from it. Basically, I always enjoy doing my work doesn’t take it like a burden.

What about your future plans?

Well, first I want to thank all my fans thanks for their support, appreciation and I will definitely work hard to give my people better entertainment. My success is nothing without my fans, I will try my best as always I do to give something new and different to my viewers.

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