Creative Designer Nayna Interview

Nayna is a privately owned company that designs, manufactures and also markets the traditional fashion for the contemporary woman, Nayna’s Collection always sets the marvelous impression in the eyes of people with the best quality fabric, unique designs and elegant designs. She showcases Bridal wear, Formal wear, casual wear, Shoes and other Accessories, has tapped into the wealth of Pakistan Fabrics. Nayna is a well-known Fashion artist in Pakistan, whose demand is worldwide and has a great potential to prove herself as Pakistani with fabulous and flawless work, here is an exclusive talk with Nayna.

How are the elements of contemporary fashion combined with the requirements of today’s customer?

Well, today’s customer is well informed and as well all know, knowledge is a great power, but unfortunately we do not know how to utilize this power, the audience may know it all and see it all, but all trends suits one’s body type this is where designer steps in to guide and to create a good look suitable for today’s modern women.

Tell us how you enhance the value of services to the customer,so as to make them outstanding?

a) On time delivery
b) Quality products

We go that extra mile, we are happy with the sale of our business, so long as can continue to excel on these 3 parameters.

While Nayna is a privately owned company, SamanArif represents the creative expression of the product line, tell us how the relationship works?

One of the reasons behind our success has been the ability of the partners not to interfere with each other’s work, this allows us to focus on each other’s core competency so, we have a fixed job description and hence accountability prevails.

Kindly explain the concept of fusion in professional management designing?

We have been so successful the business aspect is looked after by an MBA from LUMS while the creative is a graduate from PIFD, the two most premier institutions in the respective fields.

Any difficulty that you faced by associating with the technology?

We are extremely excited with this fusion of 3Dtechnology with fashion, despite being the first company in Pakistan to do this; we are still five years behind compared with international companies, so we have a lot to learn and a lot to do in future.

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