Hina Ki Khushboo – GEO Tv Drama

What future really holds for Hina? Will she be able to tell the actual truth to house members and society? Will Hina finds enough courage to answer all the arrows pointed towards her?

Hina-Ki-Khushboo geo tv

Hina Ki Khushboo – GEO Tv Drama – Cast & Crew

Director: Sami Sani
Writer: Shabnam Sani
Produced By: Babar Javed


Muhammad Babar Khan as Adil
Shameen Khan as Hina
Farah Ali as Farha
Farah Nadir as Zainab
Anwar Iqbal as Samad
Sadaf Asham as Achi Phupoo
Alizey Tahir as Pari
Syed Arez as Azlan
Nazli Soomro as Iffat
Sajid Shah as Hashim
Hassam Sidiqui as Khurram

Hina Ki Khushboo – GEO Tv Drama – Story

The heart-wrenching play “Hina Ki Khushboo” revolves around the central character, Hina. She is an innocent, loving and caring girl in nature. Hina and Farah are the real sisters, whose weddings are fixed with two affluent brothers. Both the sisters has showed blissful feelings to know the fact that they are going to live together even after the marriage.

Hina’s husband Azlan lives in America for studies and business; on the wedding night he reveals shocking news to newlywed bride which makes her totally surprised. Azlan also takes oath from upset bride to keep his secret in her heart and he will leave her soon. She has requested him to not go in this manner because her credibility will be damage in other people eyes and it can also ruin her sister’s house as well.


Hina Ki Khushboo – GEO Tv Drama – Pictures

Hina Ki Khushboo - GEO Tv Drama - Pictures

Hina Ki Khushboo - GEO Tv Drama - Pictures


Hina Ki Khushboo – GEO Tv Drama – All Episodes

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