Pakistan model Hareb Farooq

Hareb Farooq is one of the modest, graceful and talented models of Pakistan. His hometown is Karachi from where he belongs. Hareb Farooq is probably one of the most charming models ever enter into the Pakistani Modeling Industry, he looks very innocent and handsome. Lawrence is one of the well-known brands in Pakistan. Working with all the famous Top Brands of Pakistan is his top achievement and he is becoming the most famous model of Pakistan who has not started his acting career because he want to stay focused on his modeling career.

The best male model in second Pakistani media awards was won by Hareb Farooq. Pakistani media awards are organized annually to appreciate the good work of Pakistani artists from showbiz and fashion world designers, stylist and models. Hareb Farooq has a distinguished personality of his own and unique in his own sense of style. He is a well groomed man and often imitates a diverted stylish look to the classic wears of men’s labels. Hareb Farooq is a well reputed and famous model of Pakistan Fashion Industry.

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