Hand Feet Beauty Tips

Hand and Feet beauty tips

In our society beauty is the most advanced weapon of women, as all girls want to look pretty either they have fair, dark or normal complexion. Women also take care of their skin in different ways like using cosmetics, different creams and home remedies as well. But only face beauty doesn’t make your personality attractive and pretty, your hands and feet should also look beautiful, clean and proper moisturized. Especially in winter the hands and feet become dry and rough. For this reason, here are some home remedies.

Honey and Aloe Vera gel

honey aleo vera beauty tips

Take equal amount of aloe Vera gel and honey mix them and make a paste, then apply to your hands and feet daily it will make your hands and feet skin soft, moisturized and beautiful.

Brown sugar and Olive Oil

brown sugar olive oil beauty tips

Take 2 tablespoons of brown sugar and 2 tablespoons of olive oil, mix it well and make a scrub. This scrub will make your hands and feet soft and moisturize dull skin. Apply this scrub gently on a daily basis, you will definitely get good results.

Milk Cream

milk cream beauty tips

Milk cream is a natural moisturizer for your skin and it does not have any side effects. Apply this cream daily on hands, feet and let it stay for 10 to 15 minutes, then wash it off with warm water, instantly you will have soft skin this is a very safe remedy for all skin types.

Coconut Oil

coconut oil beauty tips

Coconut naturally has moisturizing effect it makes your skin soft and shinny, take coconut oil on your palm, then massage gently on your hands and feet. Repeat this procedure daily it will remove rough skin and gives natural shine and glow.

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