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Gorgeous Style Icon “Aisha Khan”

Aisha Khan is a very talented, beautiful, fabulous and dedicated actress, she was born on 27 September 1982. She is considered to be a brilliant actress because her acting is very real and mind blowing, she started her career from the drama serial “Tum Yahi Kehna” which aired on PTV in the year 2000. Her acting is very mature and realistic, especially when she is doing an emotional scene she intact the interest of the audience in that scene. She is an excellent style icon she performs a character in such a way that is unbelievable and she is a bright star of the Pakistan drama industry.

She has been doing a number of different characters in different dramas, she is so popular because of her decency and different looks. Here are some of her different characters and styles:

Drama serial Mehendi:

She performed the character of young age girl with sweet dreams, wishes, innocence, fantasies and emotions. This character was so awesome she looked so cute and young.

Drama serial Mehrum:

In this drama serial she performed the character of an obedient daughter, a religious girl and her compromised for the sake of others life and others happiness instead of being a great poetess.

Drama serial Tumhare Siwa:

In this stunning drama serial she performed the character of a loving wife and helpful friend, but when she saw that she has to share her husband with his second wife her character changes into negative and that was awesome and nearer to reality.

Drama serial Maane Na Ye Dil:

In this drama serial she had a very different character of girl who use to earn money through her beauty, then fall in love with a guy sincerely,  but she has to face a number of problems.

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