Friday 22 September 2017
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Ghairat – ARY Digital Drama

Ghairat - ARY Digital Drama new episodes

Ghairat – Cast & Crew – ARY Digital Drama

Director: Ahmed Bhatti

Writer: Edison Idrees


Iqra Aziz
Syed Jibran
Muneeb Butt
Jinaan Hussain
Saman Ansari
Samena Ahmed
Faizan Sheikh and others

Ghairat – Story – ARY Digital Drama

There are many things worth living for, a few things worth dying for, but nothing worth killing for. He was my respected brother, but he killed my sister in the name of honor. He threw acid on her and burned her because she wanted to live her life her way. Her sin was that he was her brother!’ I, Saba, along with my mother was screaming; begging in front of him for her life. But what we saw is the ashes of her body in the end. Who gave him this right to take someone’s life? How can someone gain honor by killing his sister? Like my sister; hundreds of daughters and sisters have been murdered for allegedly bringing shame on their families in various ways, including choosing to marry men of their own choice and sometimes for a very petty reason like supporting a friend elope. And such people walk away without any punishment due to the same ‘honor’ we all like to protect. As a sister of the very same brother, I faced similar hurdles to save my life, I kept on looking outside for help. My cousin; my supporter, my life saver apparently became the love of my life. There could be no possible honor in killing someone. Would I as a girl in this society ever be able to take stand for my sister or myself? This story is not just of my family but could be of yours. Let us all stop this killing of daughters and sisters in the name of GHAIRAT!


Ghairat – Pictures – ARY Digital Drama

Ghairat - ARY Digital Drama new episodes


Ghairat – All Episodes – ARY Digital Drama

Watch Ghairat only on ARY Digital. If you have missed any of the episodes watch them here at video courtesy ARY Digital…

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Ghairat – Episode 11 – ARY Digital Drama – 25 Sep 2017

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