Tulip pants designs

Tulip pants designs

In the present world, everyone wants to look smart, beautiful and trendy for what we go for different types of fashion styles, for quite now, the Shalwar had taken a back seat. The straight pants, Palazos, Flappers, Cigarette pants, etc were more in demand, with Shalwarbeing worn by only the hardcore fans.

The good old Shalwar have found a creative way to make a comeback. Introducing Tulip Pants, love them or hate them. Tulip Pants have made their way up to the top of fashion trends for the summer and they aren’t showing any signs of going down.

While not exactly like Shalwars, Tulip Pants more or less have been designed with the same principle, loose on the top and tapering at the end. The Tulip Pants is slightly less baggy that a Shalwar, but the cut and design make it light and airy and it is best for the hot summer.

The Tulip Shalwar has made an essential mark and cross the mainstream fashion industry of Pakistan, there are multiple versions of the tulip Shalwar that are customized according to the aesthetics of the designer designing the shalwar piece. This trend is spreading like a virus because it is very unique as well as trendy.

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