Fair & Lovely BB Cream Review

Fair & Lovely BB Cream Review

Review Of Fair & Lovely BB Cream

Fair & Lovely always bring something very fabulous and good for your beauty and glamour recently, Fair & Lovely too launched their own BB cream, after so many BB creams in the Indian market now a days, we get to pick the one that suits us best. I will  review Fair & the Lovely BB cream with its details and how actually to use this Foundation + BB cream. This BB product is actually a dual purpose product as this has the goodness of vitamin infused fairness cream and the touch of foundation which will give the skin a slight coverage and skin looks better than before.

New Fair & Lovely BB cream is an expert product which brings the goodness of advanced multivitamin fairness cream with the touch of foundation, ingredients are mentioned on the pack, just apply tiny dots  of fair & lovely BB cream all over the face and using the fingers, gently blend the foundation cream over the face and the neck for a flawless finish. This Fair and Lovely BB cream come in a similar looking packaging as that of the earlier versions of the Fair & Lovely fairness creams like the winter fairness cream, multivitamins etc.

If you will see the pictures this Fair & Lovely Foundation +BB cream has a very whitish looking color which is why this will be suitable or fair to medium skin tones very well without making them ashy, for darker skin tones, this BB cream will be only slightly ashy hence, give it some time after the application so that the shyness is reduced. I liked that the shade is not too light which can give a shyness in the face, like I have experienced with some of the Korean BB creams.

The BB cream will give you a flawless face with  beauty at its peak and you can go with different types of events like getting together, wedding, evening party and many more, on the contrary, this non greasy formula of his Fair & Lovely BB cream will not do too much for the dry skin as you may know dry skin needs some extra moisture so if you want to try this for your dry skin then use a moisturizer first then use this cream, girls who have experienced it shared wonderful comments that it gives them a fresh look, very easy to apply and it enhances the beauty.

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