Best Mobile Apps for Entrepreneurs to Stay Organized in 2017 -

Best Mobile Apps for Entrepreneurs to Stay Organized in 2017 -

With so much work, and too short of time, entrepreneurs face time challenges every now and then. They are surrounded by back to back meetings and need to keep up with the “To do” items of each. If you are an entrepreneur, you can relate easily to how frustrating things can get when your business is kicking off. You aren’t much active on Facebook or Snapchat, and simply use your phone to check emails or to make a call. But with various mobile apps out in the market, some are actually useful for you to stay organized. Here are our top 4 picks of mobile applications that will help you stay organized and increase efficiency. This includes some applications that your startup also needs.

1. Evernote

You attend a meeting that lasted for 2 hours. Exhausted you leave the meeting room and head back to an office. In between, you plan to stop by for lunch. But what happens when you reach work? And what is the most painful point after every meeting? Missing out on key points that were discussed during the meeting. This is where Evernote comes to your rescue. With many note taking applications out there on the play stores, Evernote takes lead as it lets you share tasks with your team, make to-do lists, alongside simply writing on your screen. The other cool feature this application has is that it supports taking photo notes. Assume a participant draws a flow diagram on a whiteboard and you need to make a note. Instead of jotting down what the flow looks like, how convenient has Evernote made it to simply open the app, take a photo, and attach it to a note.


2. Slack

Slack is that one tool which your startup needs to have. It makes communication and collaboration simple and convenient. Getting onboard Slack barely takes 5 minutes. Then, you simply need to add your team members on Slack. But when we have Whatsapp or Skype, how is Slack any different? Slack does exactly what this article is about; helping you stay organized. You can create channels and groups for every project or team, and get updates from the relevant channels directly. With web, desktop, and mobile app available, Slack make syncing convenient and quick. You can select which channels matter most to you and define those for which you require push notifications.

3. Basecamp

Basecamp is a powerful communication and project management tool. It allows you to invite your clients and create a project on the tool. Then, with every response made on the platform, you will be notified via email, and at any time, you can view details regarding every topic of a project on Basecamp.

The mobile application helps you stay updated on all communications and to-dos of your team at any point of the day. Wherever you are, you can quickly open the mobile application and make decisions as required.


4. Wunderlist

This application allows you to organize your to-dos. They claim its the easiest way to get things done, and that is true to some good extent. All you need to do is enter your tasks, their deadlines, and let the app remind you. The key feature of the mobile application is collaborating with your co-workers, assigning tasks to them, and discussing them as they progress. Moreover, you can also take notes when you are in between any meeting. The application is available on all major platforms; Android, iOS, and Windows.

With a lot on the plate of entrepreneurs, it becomes hard to organize your daily activities. With our top 4 picks of apps to stay organized, you will never miss out anything that is important.

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