Effective Tips To Lose Weight In Ramadan


Effective Tips To Lose Weight In Ramadan

Ramadan provides an occasion to enjoy the pleasure of your most liked food items. Ramadan also presents an ideal opportunity to make a healthy beginning by following a more disciplined eating routine; in fact a routine that your body has been yearning for. There has to be sufficient intake of fluids and this prevents dehydration during the fasting hours. In addition, the craving and urge for sweet stuff is adequately curbed after Iftar.

Take Proper Amount of Water

Water plays a very important role in losing weight as well as prevent you from dehydration and weakness, take two glasses of water in Sehri, four glasses before the fast time starts and two glasses after Iftar. Take juices at Iftar avoid liquids like coffee, green tea, black tea, take fresh juices that will definitely make you fresh and hydrated.

Avoid Processed Sugar

A big cause of increase weight in Ramadan is increased intake of sugar beverages and sweets turn out to be harmful, do not eat too much sugary food avoid honey and sugar items.

Maintain Activity Level

Do not take fast as a sleeping all day and not working, maintain your proper activity level so that you will be more active and relax the whole day. Through your activity level you can spend your fast in a better way.