Prof. Dr. Amer Aziz - Orthopedic

Prof. Dr. Amer Aziz - Orthopedic

Professor Amer Aziz is a world renowned Orthopaedic Surgeon currently heading the Orthopaedic & Spine unit at Lahore Medical & Dental College / Ghurki Trust Teaching Hospital, and Surgimed Hospital, Lahore, Pakistan. He was elected to the collage of physician and surgeons of Pakistan councilor securing the highest number of votes in the country. Through his efforts AO Spine international Switzerland, the largest spine organization in the world, has awarded a full fledge chapter to Pakistan and Prof. Amer Aziz is its founding chairman. A member of board of governors of UHS (University of Health Science).


Orthopedic Surgeon

Appointment Places:
Surgimed Hospital, Lahore

Timings: N/A

Contact Details:
042 111348348

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