Doughnuts (1)

Doughnuts (2)

Doughnuts Recipe


Refined flour                                2- ½ cup

Yeast                                             1 packet

Sugar                                            3 tablespoons

Ghee                                            3 tablespoons

Dry milk                                       ½ cup

Luke warm water                      as required for mixing

Baking powder                           1 teaspoon


First mix all the things in a bowl and mix softly with the lukewarm water the dough should be soft. Now put the dough at hot place for 1 hour, then mix this dough again with hands by sprinkling the flour. Now make a loaf of half inch, then make shapes now again, let it stay for 20 minutes and fry them at very low flame pick them out as they get a golden brown color.


Melt the cooking chocolate and dip each doughnut in it, now sprinkle sugar topping in any shape so that doughnuts look more delicious and beautiful. You can also use chocolates of different colors.


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