Cybil Chaudhry A Top Pakistani Model

Cybil Chaudhry A Top Pakistani Model

Cybil Chaudhry the most famous, glamorous, stunning, fabulous and attractive model of Pakistan. She was born on 16 February 1884 she is about 32 years now, she is very talented and beautiful model. She is very smart and dedicated to her work, she entered inside the modeling world because of her mother who was one of the leading top models of the German fashion modeling world.

Cybil has worked with the top leading brands in Pakistan like Gul Ahmed, Khaadi, Karma, Sobia Nazir and much more. She has no plans to step in the acting world. Well, she is quite different from other models of Pakistan  because she is not worried about the future ahead.

She is really very famous for her soft and peaceful attitude, her personality is very attractive, cool and very fascinating. She has also won the Lux award for best model female of the year 2012, she is a true pride of Pakistan that she was born in Germany but she is presenting Pakistan through her talent as Pakistani.

She got married at the age of 18 with a boy Kashif now she is a mother of two sons, she is a very loving and caring mother as well as wife. Basically, popularity is not the aim for Cybil she  normally says “ modeling and acting are two different professions, modeling is for models and acting is for actors”.

As she was awarded for Best Model of the year in 2012, she has no worries about her future because her abilities are enough to prove herself. We can say she is the pride of Pakistan and in future she will become more famous because of her modelling styles and sincerity of her work. Her best quality is she works less,  but works flawlessly and fabulously.  

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