England VS Pakistan, Third Test, Day One, England All Out For 297 (1)

England VS Pakistan, Third Test, Day One, England All Out For 297 (1)

Cricket Match England VS Pakistan, Third Test, Day One, England All Out For 297 

Birmingham,  England dismissed for 297 in their first innings in the third test at Edgbaston on Wednesday, ) Sohail Khan took five wickets for 96 for Pakistan, a mark Jimmy Anderson and company will be looking at least to emulate on the second day,  Pakistan captain Misbah-UL-Haq won the toss and elected to field in the third Test against England at Edgbaston on Wednesday, The match begun at a 3pm Pakistan Standard Time (PST) and 12pm at British Standard Time (BST). PTV Sports and Ten Sports are broadcasting the matches live in Pakistan and UAE, respectively.

England won’t be too downhearted though, this pitch was slow, there was some clumpy grass, the ball swung and I don’t think 300 is a horrible score by any means, that over was worth the price of admission on its own. Sohail runs to his mark, I think he reckons that Misbah might take the ball off him and he really, really wants that five-fer, Sohail through mid on for four, Misbah must be regretting letting the lad carry on. Jimmy  slices the ball over the slips for four. In between being beaten by a snorter, Anderson decides that he enjoyed that shot so much he is going to have another go. Slices again in the air third man,  it’s poor Sohail! He cannot get there! Legs have jammed up. Amir gives him a bit of a sieve “come on, mate, you could have got there.

Amir has not bowled badly, but is getting frustrated now and bangs one in that should probably have been called wide as it veered over Ballance’s shoulder. He adds a maiden to his figures – 11-1-0-41 – but that was not the column he would have chosen to change,  the wind is proving a benefit and a curse, it looks to have quickly blown the rain over, but the main camera behind the bowler’s arm is wobbling all over the place.

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