Celebrity Style Icon 'Ahsan Khan'

Celebrity Style Icon 'Ahsan Khan'

Style Icon The Most Dashing And Smart “Ahsan Khan”

Ahsan Khan, the most handsome and creative actor of Pakistan, whose work is highly appreciated by the people and his versatile acting has given us fabulous and blockbuster Dramas that are very fascinating and wonderful, he is a British born Pakistani actor known for his adolescent looks, started his career from the films “Nikaah” and “Ghar Kab Aao Gay” then he moved into the Drama industry. Ahsan Khan is considered to be the style icon because of his creative styles, facial expressions, bold body language, decent looks and tremendous artistic skills.

In Drama serial “Daastan” he played the role of an obedient  son who fight for the country and sacrifice his life in the making of Pakistan, played a brilliant role with passionate acting and dedication towards his character, in this character he wore Kurta Pajama as in the subcontinent Muslims Use to dress up like this.

In the Drama serial “Mere Qatil Mere Dildar” he played the role of a sincere lover, but his father’s sister deliberately made some misunderstandings and his relation spoiled, this was the big hit of Ahsan khan what a traffic performance of a loyal and honest man.

In the Drama serial “Khoya Khoya Chand” he played the role of a boy who accidently got married to a girl whose sister, he use to love and thought she had gone and he will never get his love and got married according to the choice of parents, a fabulous character of a person who was confused and in the end was unable to defend himself that he was right his deeds were not bad.

In the Drama serial “Mausam” he played a role of a decent boy who loved a girl because of her simplicity  and engaged in a number of problems at a time, but at last he got his love, the biggest hit by Ahsan Khan what an emotional and decent performance given by Ahsan really won the hearts.

Now a day his new Drama serial “Udaari” is airing every week on Hum Tv, in this Drama he is playing a role of phenomenal person, an extremist, a criminal and most worse husband, he is doing a brilliant job his marvelous acting is making his fame in the social media what a creative performance by Ahsan Khan.

These days his another Drama is airing every week “Saya-e-Diwar Bi Nahi”, playing a role of a boy who studied abroad now came and wants to marry his cousin, but his father is forcing him to marry someone else, again  flawless performance by Ahsan what a style, looks, expressions and fabulous creativity.

Celebrity Style Icon 'Ahsan Khan'

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