Chicken Tikka Pizza (1)

Chicken Tikka Pizza Recipe

Chicken Tikka Flavor Pizza Recipe Ingredient: Cheese (Chattered or Mozirilla): 2 packets Fresh coriander to sprinkle: 1 bunch For making pizza dough: Refined flour: 2- ½ cup Yeast (instant): 2 tablespoons Salt: ½ teaspoon Sugar: 1 tablespoon Oil: 3 tablespoons Egg: 1 Dry milk: 1 tablespoon For making pizza sauce: Continue Reading

Doughnuts (1)

Doughnuts Recipe

Doughnuts Recipe Ingredients: Refined flour                                2- ½ cup Yeast                                             1 packet Sugar                                            3 tablespoons Ghee                                            3 tablespoons Dry milk                                       ½ cup Luke warm water                      as required for mixing Baking powder                           1 teaspoon Method: First mix all the things in a bowl and mix softly with the lukewarm water the dough Continue Reading

tea cake (2)

Easy & Tasty Tea Cake Recipe

Easy and Tasty “Tea Cake” Recipe Ingredients: *butter                          ¾ cup *refined flour               2 cups *sugar                            1 cup *baking powder           2 teaspoon *vanilla essence           ½ teaspoon Method:     *beat sugar and butter, then add egg one by one to this mixture *mix refined flour and baking powder in separate bowl and Continue Reading

Chicken Karahi (3)

Very Delicious Chicken Karahi Recipe

  Very delicious” Chicken Karahi”: Ingredients: *chicken: 1kg *ginger paste: 2 teaspoons *garlic paste: 2 teaspoons *salt:  to taste *black pepper (freshly chopped): 1 teaspoon *red chili powder:  ½ teaspoon *oil: 5 tablespoons *tomatoes medium size: 5 to 6 *whole green chilies:  3 to 4 *lemon and coriander for garnish Continue Reading

Chinese chicken fried rice (1)

Chinese chicken Fried Rice Recipe

Chinese chicken Fried Rice Ingredients: *rice 1 bowl *chicken (boiled) 1 bowl *carrot 1 large *cabbage 1 *green onion 2 *green chili 2 *tomato 2 *capsicum 1 *egg 1 *ginger paste 1 teaspoon *salt to taste *oil 2 tablespoons Method: Add salt in the rice and boil them but not Continue Reading

Delicious Zeera Biscuits Recipe

  Delicious Zeera Biscuits Ingredients: *refined flour 1 pond *milk as required *butter 4 an ounce *cumin (Zeera) 1 tablespoon *baking powder 1 teaspoon *sugar 6 an ounce *egg white 1 *salt to taste Method: Take butter and sugar mix it well in a bowl, then add cumin, salt, baking Continue Reading

Stuffed Jumbo Pasta Shells Recipe

Recipe of stuffed jumbo pasta shells Ingredients: *Jumbo pasta shells *Mayonnaise 2 cups *Chicken steak (grilled) 1 *Carrot chopped 1 large *Fresh coriander leaves half bunch *Lemon juice 1 teaspoon *Sweet corn ¼ cup *Capsicum (cubed) 2 *Vinegar 1 teaspoon *Black pepper 2 teaspoons *White pepper 2 teaspoons *Crushed red Continue Reading