Wednesday 19 September 2018
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Category: Stylists

Jamal hammadi stylist

Jamal Hammadi

Jamal Hammadi is a well renowned and the most leading Fashion stylist of the international Fashion market. He participates in the worldwide...

Obaira Ghafur

Obaira Ghafur

Obaira Ghafur is extremely experienced, professional and experienced makeup artist that is based in the United Kingdom. Really Obaira is...

rizawana khan zara salon

Rizwana Khan – Zara Saloon

Rizwana Khan is the owner of Zara’s Salon. Zara’s Salon, established in 1986, is a professional full-service ladies salon, which...

Top Pakistani Stylist Tariq Amin

Tariq Amin

Tariq Amin contemporary style and artistic instincts lead him to the fashion forefront. Tariq Amin provides international standard hair and...

Fashion Stylist Nabila Maqsood

Nabila Maqsood

Nabila Maqsood, top class Pakistani fashion stylist is an icon of Pakistani glitz and glamour, which do not need any introduction. She...

saba ansari top stylist

Saba Ansari’s

The person who is responsible for leading a project from start to the end is called a project manager. His responsibilities include...