Capital Talk - GEO News - Talk show

Capital Talk - GEO News - Talk show

Capital Talk looks at the challenges, issues and concerns facing Pakistan on a daily basis. The format includes a panel of renowned personalities who participate in a dialogue which contributes towards reaching feasible and practical solutions. Going along with the principle that there are two sides of every picture, “Capital Talk” helps you discover both these sides. The aim of the show is to stay on top of the news and provide prompt and detailed analysis, leaving the audiences with a clearer picture. Capital Talk expands on debates, which in turn, helps provide insights into the raging issues of Pakistan’s political set-up, no matter how contentious.

Host: Hamid Mir
Producer: Tafseer Hussain
Senior Producer: Chaudhry Khalid Umer

Capital Talk – New Episode – GEO News

Watch all the latest new episode of “Capital Talk” here at video & image courtesy by GEO News.

Timing: Every Mon – Thu on 08:05 PM only on GEO News.

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